7 Advantages of a Metal-Free Filling

Do you already have silver amalgam fillings that you want to replace? Are you getting ready to visit Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN, to discuss a possible area of tooth decay? Consider the value of getting replacement or new metal-free fillings. A metal-free filling can offer benefits not found in metal restorations. Learn more about the advantages to enhancing your unique smile without relying on metal.

1. Tighter Tooth Bond

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, metal-free fillings are made up of materials that bond with your teeth. This provides better support for the tooth and means less likelihood of the filling coming loose or falling out. Eat what you want, and stop worrying that you might suddenly have a silver amalgam filling on your tongue! Want another reason to prefer a stronger bond between filling and tooth? The bond lowers the incidence of bacteria getting back into the tooth at the restoration site and setting the stage for more decay.

2. Natural Appearance

Not in love with your selfies? You may want to send more to friends and family after choosing a metal-free filling for a visible front or side tooth. One of the most popular reasons patients want Dr. Haney to use a metal-free filling is because they know it will blend in with the rest of their smile. The shade of each metal-free filling is carefully considered to ensure it fits in with the color of your other teeth. It is dental artistry at its best.

3. Reduced Tooth Sensitivity

By their nature, metal silver amalgam fillings are conductors of heat and cold. Therefore, some patients report heightened tooth sensitivity when drinking hot beverages or enjoying colder foods. In contrast, metal-free fillings tend to be linked with fewer toothaches and temperature-related sensitivity issues. Grab a cup of steaming or iced coffee and never wonder if it will cause a tooth tingle.

4. Freedom from Mercury

Findings from medical studies are unclear as to whether or not silver amalgam fillings release tiny amounts of mercury. Most research suggests that after being created, silver amalgam fillings containing mercury are not major health risks to humans. However, some patients simply feel more comfortable knowing that there is absolutely zero chance of exposing themselves to mercury through their dental restorations. Metal-free fillings contain no mercury, so may be the better choice for your preferences.

5. Eco-Friendlier Alternative

Are you concerned about the the environment? Want to stop adding more waste to landfills? If so,you will like hearing that metal-free fillings are kinder to the earth. Why? Basically, they do not need to be specially disposed of, which is what happens with silver amalgam fillings.

6. Healthier Options for All Patient Groups

You may be pregnant or nursing and worried about exposure to mercury. Alternatively, your very young child–or relative with a compromised immune system–may require dental fillings. Metal-free fillings are ideal in these types of situations where silver amalgam alternatives might not be recommended.

7. Zero Drilling

Does the sound or feeling of a dental drill cause you anxiety? Metal-free fillings do not require any drilling. This makes them extremely popular among people with children new to dentistry and those living with dental fear.

Discover the Upside of a Metal-Free Filling in Knoxville, TN

Want to find out if you could enjoy a healthier, better functioning smile with a little help from metal-free fillings and restorations? Contact Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN, at (865) 693-6886 to arrange an appointment.

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