The Dental Implant Solution and Why It’s a Good Choice for Tooth Loss

Dental-ly speaking it’s demoralizing. What?

Tooth loss!

Losing one tooth can alter your appearance. More than that, if ignored, that single missing tooth can set in motion a number of dental problems.

Dental implants join the list of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments to solve your tooth loss issue. It’s common to think dental bridge or (depending on the number of missing teeth) dentures.

Those treatments are effective. But dental implants go beyond in providing a solid, attractive tooth replacement option.

Beyond cosmetic dentistry

No doubt that a dental implant improves your smile. Implants naturally blend with your existing teeth to improve your appearance following tooth loss.

Here’s where implant dentistry goes a step (or two) beyond…

A dental implant fully restores your tooth function. But it doesn’t stop there.

Your implant creates a new, secure tooth root. Think of it as the foundation on which a new, visible, and attractive tooth is created.

What you can’t see

The strength of your implant is your available bone tissue. This out-of-sight, beneath the surface aspect is what sets an implant apart from dentures and dental bridges.

Tooth loss can lead to bone loss over time. Replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant improves the health of your bone tissue.

Your implant adapts to your bone and gum tissue. The titanium implant forms your new tooth root and enhances the health of your bone tissue.

Long-term security

Your implant is surgically placed into the location of your missing tooth. It’s anchored into your jawbone and allowed to heal for a period of time.

The tissue adapts to the implant. Following an adequate time for healing a post (abutment) is attached and followed by the placement of a dental crown (your new tooth).

Your implant is designed to last. It supports your adjoining teeth as your natural tooth would and restores your full function and appearance.

Contact your dentist in Knoxville about your tooth loss. Schedule an examination to discuss missing tooth replacement with a dental implant.

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