Family Dentistry That Provides a Lifetime of Care

Family dentistry in our Knoxville dental office includes a full-range of routine and preventive treatment. Establish good oral health habits and protect you and your family’s teeth and gums from decay, disease, and damage.

Early Dental That Provides a Lifetime of Care

We help little ones and their families by teaching good oral hygiene habits, which can prevent painful and unpleasant dental treatments later on. Children can start coming to our Knoxville family dentistry office around one year of age. We serve this delightful population with office toys, friendly hygienists, cool treatment sunglasses, and even movies.

It is never too early to start preventative habits, such as consistent brushing and flossing!

Routine, preventive dental care that protects your teeth and gums

Dental exams and teeth cleanings are recommended two times per year. Your routine appointment with a dental hygienist keeps your teeth and gums healthy, removes harmful plaque and tartar, and observes any problems that could require treatment.

Periodontics focuses on the health of your gums. Early treatment for gingivitis can help prevent the progression of periodontal (gum) disease that can lead to tooth loss.

Endodontics treats and saves your severely decayed tooth with a root canal. Your treatment is comfortable by including oral sedation, nitrous-oxide (laughing gas), headphones for personal music enjoyment, aroma-therapy for preferred relaxation, and digital x-rays for quicker results.

Tooth protection

Metal-free fillings look natural while restoring the function of your teeth. The tooth-colored materials are safe (mercury-free) and help eliminate tooth sensitivity.

Mouth guards protect your teeth from potential damage during contact sports or nighttime teeth grinding. The guards are custom designed for you and/or your student athlete’s teeth and provide better protection and comfort than retail “bite-and-boil” mouth guards.

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