Botox: Why Your Dentist May Recommend It

You probably think of a dentist as a medical professional who helps you keep your teeth, gums, and other oral and maxillofacial areas healthy. However, you may not realize that your dentist can offer Botox injections as a form of esthetic dentistry as well.

In Knoxville, TN, Dr. Jack Haney offers Botox and dermal fillers in addition to other treatments. Interested in hearing more? Contact us at (865) 693-6886 to schedule your next appointment.

A Bit about Dentistry and Botox

Dentists primarily concentrate on what happens in the lower part of your head and face. This part of the body includes not just hard and soft tissues, but also connecting muscles. Botox is a highly tested brand of botulinum toxin. When delivered in small doses to those facial muscles, Botox helps them remain in a relaxed position for an extended period of time.

For years, many dental patients would visit their dentist for cosmetic dentistry treatments and then go to a separate professional for Botox injections. This required more trips than necessary and did not allow the dentist to have input into the end result of the treatment. Dr. Haney appreciates being able to work with patients to make the most of their smiles through trusted options including Botox.

Below are some of the reasons Dr. Haney may suggest Botox to you during your cosmetic dentistry appointment in Knoxville, TN.

1. You want to make the most of your cosmetic dentistry services.

After receiving Zoom! or Opalescence™ teeth whitening treatment, you will no doubt be proud of your gleaming smile. Yet you may still feel like all the tiny wrinkles around your lips are keeping you from having a true dream smile experience. Botox could help.

When properly injected, Botox can smooth out the wrinkles that naturally come with age. One application can last for several months, leaving you smiling even wider.

2. You have TMD discomfort.

Do you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)? If so, you probably experience discomfort in and around your jaw. TMD leads to pain in the temporomandibular joint for most patients diagnosed with this issue.

Botox cannot treat TMD directly, but it can be used to relieve the symptomatic pain caused by clenched muscles around the jaw. Dr. Haney will inject the Botox into specific areas to lessen the muscular tension.

3. You have a “gummy” smile.

Do you feel as if your gums stand out more than you would like, creating a “gummy” smile? In addition to other treatments, Dr. Haney may recommend Botox injections. It can be especially useful to relax the muscles around the lips. Therefore, the lips seem fuller. At the same time, the lips cover more of the gums when you smile.

Often, this treatment is delivered in conjunction with dermal fillers to plump the lips even more. Not only does this reduce the appearance of a gummy smile, but it can make a smile seem younger.

Anesthesia and Botox

Need more reasons to call Dr. Haney to discuss Botox? Consider the fact that he has years of experience delivering anesthesia. Proper anesthesia training is essential to having a worry-free Botox treatment.

Lasting Botox Effects in Knoxville, TN

Whether you have never tried it and are curious, or you are ready for your next Botox injection in Knoxville, TN, please call us. Getting treatment at your dentist makes life a little easier, and your smile even more artistically designed.

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