Why Do Some Patients Need Gum Treatment Before Dental Implant Placement?

Have you ever wondered if you were a candidate for dental implant placement surgery? Dental implants are extremely popular restorative dentistry treatments to replace missing teeth with fixed prosthetics. However, not everyone who visits Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN can be considered for dental implants right away. In fact, some patients require gum treatment first.

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Why Dental Implant Placement Requires Healthy Gums

Dental implants are surgically placed in the bone just under the gums. For this reason, the gum tissues must be in good health. Otherwise, they could slow down or interrupt the healing process. In fact, untreated gum disease could lead to dental implant failure. The best way to ensure high dental implant success rates is for the dental provider to only perform surgeries on a mouth with healthy gums.

Signs of Gum Problems

How does a dentist know that your gums may not be as healthy as they could be? During your evaluation for dental implants, Dr. Haney will take images of your mouth. He will also perform a visual examination of your teeth and gums.

Common indicators that your gums may not be ready for surgery include:

  • Redness. Gums that are extremely red are not normal. Typically, gum tissue should be pink.
  • Sores. If you have sores in your mouth along your gums and inner cheeks, Dr. Haney will want to find out why. There are many reasons for mouth sores, and this issue should be addressed prior to dental implantation.
  • Bleeding. Any patients can experience very slightly bleeding gums during an examination or dental check-up with flossing. However, gums should not bleed excessively. When gums bleed at even gentle touches, gum disease is often the culprit.
  • Foul-smelling. Gums that elicit an unpleasant odor are a warning sign of untreated, unmanaged gum disease. The odor comes from a build-up of bacteria in the periodontal pockets between the teeth and gums.
  • Puffiness. Your gums could just be puffy because something became lodged in them, such as a popcorn kernel. In that case, this “red flag” may not be serious. On the other hand, chronically puffy or painful gums require attention because the condition is abnormal.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to talk with your dentist about any concerns you have regarding your gum health when you arrive for your first dental implant evaluation. The more you talk about what is happening in your mouth, the easier it will be for your dentist to help you improve your candidacy for dental implants.

Gum Treatment in Knoxville, TN

What happens if Dr. Haney recommends gum treatment instead of immediate dental implant placement? At that point, he will map out a plan to get your gums back to optimal health. You can expect the plan to add months to your journey for dental implant placement. However, gum treatment is necessary to ensure that your dental implants will have the highest likelihood of lasting for 20 years or more.

Contact Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN, to set up your next exploratory visit. Even if you are not an ideal candidate for dental implants at this moment, you may only be a few treatments away from receiving the dental implants you desire.

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