Want Affordable, Long-Lasting Teeth Whitening? Call Your Dentist.

When you imagine your dream smile, does it include gleaming teeth you’re proud to show off? You’re not alone. Plenty of people turn to professional teeth whitening in Knoxville, TN, to rev up their smiles. However, those that want to maximize their investment know that the best way to get affordable teeth whitening is by working hand-in-hand with a trained dentist.

Excited at the prospect of spending wisely and getting your teeth several shades whiter? Contact Dr. Jack Haney at his modern practice to arrange a visit today.

How Can Dental Grade Teeth Whitening in Knoxville Save Money?

If you’ve spent any time checking out teeth whitening products in your favorite pharmacy, big box retailer, or grocery store, you may have noticed their seemingly low price tags. In fact, some of them are discounted so low that many adults assume buying over-the-counter teeth whitening strips and gels is the smartest method of stretching their dollars.

Although this may sound reasonable, it actually ends up wasting money in the long run for three very important reasons.

1. Off-the-Shelf Teeth Whitening Products Are Less Potent Than Dental Grade Ones

The ingredients used in teeth whitening products purchased from a store and not from a trained, trusted dentist like Dr. Haney have low levels of potency. This is why they can be sold on the retail market. Accordingly, they may only get your teeth a shade or two whiter even after using strips or gels for several days or weeks.

In contrast, more dependable teeth whitening options including Zoom!™ and Opalescence™ have been proven to whiten teeth as much as 10 or more shades in a single dental visit. Consequently, the one-time price for a single session or take-home system may have a higher price tag than over-the-counter teeth whiteners but ends up costing less in the long run because you get so much more.

  1. Unintended Outcomes Such as Sensitive Teeth and Tooth Damage Can Be Mitigated by a Dentist.

One of the biggest complaints among people who use store-purchased teeth whiteners is that their teeth become ultra-sensitive to heat, cold, and sweets. This is not an usual reaction, especially among individuals who try several do-it-yourself teeth whitening methods instead of going once to their dentist in Knoxville for teeth whitening.

Having a dentist on your side will allow you to better control any side effects of teeth whitening. The dentist and hygienists can prepare the teeth and gums ahead of time and monitor progress, as well as answer patient questions. They can also ensure the tooth enamel doesn’t become eroded by harsh or unreliable bleaching agents. That’s a huge benefit and saves money down the road.

  1. Dentist Office Teeth Whitening Is Super Efficient.

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money.” It’s true, is and another reason frugal consumers appreciate going to the dentist for teeth whitening systems and solutions. Who wants to spend hours upon hours at home trying to get teeth bright when a one-hour appointment offers immediate outcomes?

If you’re interested in stopping the endless cycle of wasting time on keeping messy teeth whitening strips in place only to have to apply them again and again, do yourself a favor. Pick up the phone and contact your dentist for teeth whitening treatment that respects your time.

Is It Time for a Whiter Smile?

Whether you have an upcoming family reunion or big job interview, or you just want a dazzling smile to feel more confident, call Dr. Jack Haney today to set a teeth whitening appointment. Your smile and wallet will thank you!

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