Thinking about a facelift? First, consider cosmetic dentistry!

You want to look younger. Most people over 35 do. We exercise, eat a healthy diet, and use special skin treatments to keep age from creeping up on us. The Fountain of Youth is still a myth, but cosmetic surgery is not. Lifting the brows, tightening neck skin, and smoothing lines across the face will make you look younger. However, facelifts are invasive and expensive, and the results are not guaranteed. Before you commit to such an invasive treatment, talk with Dr. Haney about cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation.

According to polls, the first feature people notice is the eyes, followed closely by the smile. Dr. Haney treats both. With Botox and dermal fillers, he can minimize or reduce wrinkles around the eyes, nose, and mouth, and on the forehead, to make you look more youthful and vivacious. With cosmetic dentistry, he can straighten, whiten, and reshape teeth for a fuller, more memorable smile.

Combined, these treatments produce dramatic results – and surgery may not be necessary.

A Cosmetic Consultation

To find out which treatments will benefit your facial features the most, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Haney. Before your visit, look in the mirror and determine which attributes you’d like altered. Investigate the lines on your forehead, around your eyes, in the space between your nose and mouth, and around your lips. Smile. Frown. Make no expression. Note how the lines change, and which ones remain consistent when your face is at rest.

Next, look at your smile. Are your teeth the ideal shape, would you like them to be brighter, or is old dental work aging your smile? In some cases, teeth appear short due to overgrown gum tissue. Other people’s teeth look long because gums have receded. All of these conditions are treatable. Overlapping or widely spaced teeth don’t necessarily need orthodontic braces. Cosmetic bonding, contouring, or porcelain veneers may yield excellent results.

At your cosmetic consultation, Dr. Haney will learn about your preferences for the appearance of your facial skin and your smile. He’ll examine your face and mouth, evaluating your oral health as well. You may need dental x-rays so that he can fully assess your condition.

Then, he’ll sit down with you and present his suggestions. You should ask questions along the way, because when you understand the doctor’s recommendations, you’ll feel confident making decisions about treatment. Dr. Haney invites and encourages questions, and he’ll always take time to explain answers thoroughly.

One way we take the guesswork out of treatment results is by offering smile preview software. We can take a photograph and digitally manipulate it to reflect what your smile could look like after cosmetic dentistry.

The Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

While dental insurance does not often pay for cosmetic procedures unless they’re medically necessary, we make treatment affordable. Oftentimes, patients pay out of pocket for procedures. However, financing is also available for qualified applicants.

Schedule Your Appointment Today

Located in Knoxville, the office of Jack W. Haney, DDS, is accepting new patients. Give us a call at 865-693-6886 to schedule your visit and learn how cosmetic dentistry with dermal fillers or Botox can achieve results that rival a surgical facelift.

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