Sleep Better, Live Healthier With TMJ Treatment

TMJ, short for temporomandibular joint disorder, doesn’t just affect your jaw hinge. It affects the way you go about your day, as well as how much truly restful sleep you get. After all, if your jaw hurts every morning, you can’t fully enjoy the first part of your day. That’s why it’s best to see a dentist to discuss a customized TMJ treatment plan.

Dr. Jack Haney works with patients in Knoxville, TN, and the surrounding areas who need TMJ treatment solutions. Not sure how a visit to his practice could change the way you feel or improve your overall wellbeing? Read on for more information.

Why Untreated TMJ Becomes a Systemic Problem

Although TMJ starts at the point where the jaws come together, its effects can spread out and interfere with other systems in the body. Some of the areas that begin to show stress from untreated TMJ include:

  • The neck and shoulders. When you’re suffering with constant pain radiating from the jaw, you may find that you naturally tense up your neck and shoulders at night and upon awakening. Over time, this can lead to soreness and pain.
  • The head and face. Headaches, toothaches, and migraines are frequent complaints from people who visit Dr. Haney to talk about TMJ treatment. Again, the discomfort from ill-fitting jaw joints causes stress in other regions of the face and forehead, sometimes leading to terrible headaches in the morning.
  • The brain. Can mental function decline when TMJ isn’t properly addressed? Absolutely. During sleep, constant tooth grinding can keep the mind from fully dozing off or staying at rest. This can lead to problems such as not being able to think quickly or remember items.
  • The immune system. Obviously, whenever a condition affects sleeping habits, it can throw off the immune system. An immune system that isn’t top-notch is an open invitation to germs. Plus, it can be tough to get rid of colds and flu.
  • The teeth and gums. Tooth grinding is a common symptom of TMJ. This behavior wears down the enamel of the molars, making them more susceptible to decay, chips, and deep breaks. In turn, teeth that are not healthy can be points of attack for gum disease linked bacteria.

Of course, the outcomes of these systemic problems can be lessened or eliminated with TMJ treatment interventions.

Frequently Recommended TMJ Treatment Choices

Every individual with TMJ who walks into Dr. Haney’s clean, organized, modern facility undergoes a personalized examination. Following the evaluation, the dentist will suggest any number of TMJ treatment solutions to properly address the person’s unique case.

A few trusted methods to minimizing TMJ effects involve:

  • Occlusal adjustments. Using special instruments, Dr. Haney can adjust the height of the molars slightly. The result is a better bite, which reduces the strain on the jaw.
  • Oral appliances. Nightguards or mouthguards can also be a terrific way to stop TMJ from ruining a night’s sleep. Worn during rest, the oral appliances allow the jaw to relax in a neutral position. Additionally, they put a barrier between the teeth, making teeth grinding impossible.
  • Oral surgery. In certain cases, oral surgery may be the right type of TMJ treatment. Dr. Haney will work diligently with patients to determine which type of surgery may benefit them most.

Why Let TMJ Take Over Your Life?

Every person deserves to get enough rest and wake feeling refreshed, not in pain. Contact the Knoxville, TN, office of Dr. Jack Haney to start a conversation about treating your TMJ.

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