Jaw Problems? TMJ Treatment Can Make Your Headache Go Away

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, you know something is not right with your bite. You might feel a popping sensation in the jaw, be unable to open your mouth all the way, or you might feel too much shifting when you chew. Unfortunately, TMJ disorder also causes pain. Tense and overtaxed jaw muscles and joint dysfunction can radiate into the head and neck and leave you with more “stress headaches” than anyone should have to endure! Knoxville TMJ treatment with Dr. Jack Haney can help you find relief and realign the forces in your jaw.

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Is TMJ Disorder Behind Your Chronic Pain?

Mechanical problems in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can lead to some surprising symptoms. An obvious symptom is a poorly functioning jaw, but less-obvious symptoms can include:

  • Facial pain and soreness
  • Tightness in the neck and head (headaches!)
  • Pain in the temples
  • Pain in or behind the ear
  • Teeth grinding, damaged teeth
  • Ringing in the ears or dizziness

The jaw is such a prominent part of the head that it can “bump into” other structures, such as the neck and ears. When TMJ disorder is severe, you may have many symptoms that seem unconnected, but go away when you seek treatment.

TMJ Treatment is an Individualized Process

Problems with the temporomandibular joint can be caused by a number of factors. A misaligned bite or open bite is a common reason, but your condition could also have been caused by an injury to the jaw while you were still growing. Sometimes we find arthritis is the joint, even in young patients. There are many ways that TMJ dysfunction can manifest, so we tailor each treatment plan to address your unique symptoms.

When you visit our office, we will start by asking about your symptoms. When did the problem start? Did you wear orthodontics when you were younger? What hurts the most? Do you ever have trouble chewing? Do you grind your teeth at night? (That sort of thing.) These questions will help us understand the severity of your case and help us treat you. We will also take a series of scans that will help us assess your bite and see what’s going on inside the jaw when you open and close it.

Knoxville TMJ Treatment with Dr. Jack Haney

In our office, we have several ways to take the pressure off your jaw and bring you relief.

  • We may recommend TENS therapy (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) to stimulate tense muscles and break their “bad habits” that have left you sore and suffering.
  • BOTOX injections may be used to relax targeted muscles for a few months, so your jaw can re-learn how to chew properly.
  • Oral splint therapy may be needed, to maintain the right position for your bite and take the pressure off the joint in the night.
  • Orthodontics may help your case if your bite needs realignment.
  • If jaw surgery is indicated, we will refer you to a surgeon experienced in treating TMJ dysfunction.

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