Honestly, Does Zoom Whitening Hurt?

Is “white” not the word you would choose to describe your teeth these days? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most any food or drink that can stain your clothing will also leave behind traces of pigment residue in your tooth enamel. Over time, those pigments can leave your teeth looking more yellow or greyish than you’d like. Rather than limit one’s diet or drink all your beverages through a straw, many people choose to have their teeth whitened to keep them looking bright and healthy. Among your whitening options is Zoom!™ whitening, an innovative treatment that can give you dramatically whiter teeth in just one day.

Are you interested in learning about professional tooth whitening options? Knoxville Zoom whitening with Dr. Jack Haney can whiten your teeth up to eight shades lighter in a single day. Learn more about this treatment by calling 865-693-6886 for an appointment.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening with a Dentist?

Walk through the dental aisle at your supermarket or drugstore and you’ll see dozens of products that claim to whiten your teeth. Many of them do work, but they don’t contain ingredients that are as strong or effective as those from a dentist. This can result in whitening that is too slow to keep up with your rate of staining or too weak to tackle your toughest stains.

Whitening trays and strips may work better than toothpastes, but they usually only come in one-size-fits-all dimensions. This can lead to the whitening gels becoming diluted by saliva or sliding out of place and being less effective. With dentist-provided whitening treatments you get the benefit of faster, more efficient, and more predictable whitening results.

What is Zoom Whitening?

Zoom whitening is similar to all whitening treatments in that it uses the same active ingredient as other products: hydrogen peroxide. This substance pulls oxygen deep into the tooth enamel to dissolve acquired pigment residues that cause staining. The unique factor with Zoom, however, is that it uses a patented UV light that activates and enhances the effectiveness of the peroxide gel. Each session under the Zoom chairside light lasts about 15 minutes, and can be repeated up to three times in a single day. Due to the strong UV light, we take great care to ensure the face, lips, gums, and other tissues do not come into contact with the light, as it can damage your skin the same way sunlight does.

The Caveat About Zoom Whitening

While most patients do not experience sensitivity from Zoom whitening, a small number of people report moderate pain, either during the procedure or up to 24 hours after. Why does this happen? It’s important to remember that people can vary a great deal in the things that cause us pain. Some people pop their joints to relieve pain, while, for others, popping the joints may cause pain. Some people develop painful gallstones, while others feel no pain from the same condition. In theory, there are no nerve endings in the tooth enamel affected by Zoom whitening, but some people simply have very sensitive teeth. Others may have enamel erosion that makes the dentin of the teeth (which is sensitive) more reactive to the Zoom light.

At Jack Haney DDS, we always take extreme precautions to make sure the lips and gums are protected from the Zoom light, but there is a small chance your teeth may be sensitive to it. If your teeth tend to be sensitive, in general, you may wish to use caution when deciding whether to get the treatment.

The good news about the small potential for tooth sensitivity with Zoom is that (a) it does not damage the teeth, and (b) it is temporary. We would not provide this treatment to our patients if it harmed the teeth in any way. Since Zoom is essentially the fastest and most powerful teeth whitening option, many patients choose to do it, regardless of whether it may cause some sensitivity. Overall, it’s important to remember that most patients report no unpleasant sensations whatsoever during the treatment.

To learn more about Knoxville Zoom whitening, contact Jack Haney, DDS to make an appointment. Call our office today, at 865-693-6886.

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