Could You Be a Smile Makeover Candidate?

Is one of your resolutions to revitalize your smile this year? Do you want to gain the confidence that comes from having a gleaming, straighter, full smile? You could be a candidate for a smile makeover. Smile makeovers are unique to each patient and designed to achieved a variety of goals through cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry treatments.

Not sure where to begin? Contact Dr. Jack Haney at (865) 693-6886 to start the discussion. You may be closer than you imagined to getting the smile you have always wanted. While you prepare for your upcoming visit, read more about smile makeover candidacy considerations.

Characteristics of Ideal Smile Makeover Candidates

When you come to our office to meet with Dr. Haney, he will evaluate you to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for a smile makeover. This evaluation will include an examination and potentially impressions and x-rays.

In general, optimal smile makeover candidates share some common traits, including:

  • Solid oral health. If you have an underlying untreated dental issue, such as unmanaged gum disease, you should always focus on resolving that concern before proceeding with cosmetic or restorative treatments. After you have controlled or eliminated your issues, you may be able to move forward with your smile makeover plan.
  • Good systemic health. In addition to strong oral health, patients should also be systemically healthy. Individuals with uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease, or who are undergoing radiation treatments, are not ideal immediate candidates for surgical smile makeover procedures. However, they may be candidates for less invasive smile makeover treatments such as professional teeth whitening.
  • Record of oral hygiene compliance. Are you constantly missing your dental appointments or not making them at all? You will want to get into a routine before undergoing any smile makeover treatments. Dr. Haney may want to see proof that you agree to follow oral hygiene instructions for a period of time before proceeding with a smile makeover plan.
  • Realistic expectations. Most smile makeovers take a bit of time to complete because they usually involve a few treatments. Therefore, patients should understand that they will need to wait for results. For instance, dental implant placement can take between six and nine months to finish.

Paying for a Smile Makeover in Knoxville, TN

Every smile makeover plan is custom-created to suit the patient needs. This means your smile makeover will follow a different schedule than someone else’s. While we develop your smile makeover treatment plan in partnership with you, Dr. Haney and the rest of our team will help you understand your financial obligations and options.

Depending on which treatments you need to complete your smile makeover, your health or dental insurance carrier may cover all or a portion of one or more services. However, this varies from provider to provider, as well as between insurance plans. We can work with your insurance to obtain estimates before treatments begin to give you a better financial view of what to expect.

Paying for all, most, or some of your smile makeover out of pocket? Our office financial experts can suggest numerous financial arrangements to make covering the cost of treatments more affordable by extending payments over time.

Discover a New You With a Smile Makeover

Why wait another year to find out if a smile makeover is the right decision for you? Call Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN, at (865) 693-6886 to arrange for an initial evaluation.

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