An Improved Memory Could Start With Sleep Apnea Treatment

Everyone experiences occasional memory lapses. However, if you snore excessively, have interrupted bouts of rest, and also have trouble with recall, you may find relief from a bad memory with sleep apnea treatment. Dr. Jack Haney helps diagnose patients living in the Knoxville, TN, area with sleep apnea. Talk to him at your first visit to see if sleep apnea treatment could be a good way to take a bite out of your memory issues.

Links Between Memory Problems and Sleep Apnea

How does sleep apnea affect memory? Essentially, it robs the mind of a consistent flow of oxygen. For instance, someone with moderate sleep apnea may stop breathing for a few seconds up to 29 times each hour. This means about every two minutes, the flow of air is interrupted. Eventually, this leads to a loss of oxygenated blood circulating in the brain. Oxygen is very important to all brain functions, including memory.

Another link between sleep apnea and cognitive recall comes from lack of solid, sound sleep. Research suggests that adults should get no less than seven hours of restful sleep every 24 hours. Sleep apnea events force the body out of sleep repeatedly, leading to sleep deprivation. People diagnosed with moderate to severe sleep apnea often report feeling unable to concentrate while on the job or around the house due to their poor sleep patterns.

Signs of Sleep Apnea-Linked Memory Loss

Although memory problems can sometimes be obvious, they are not always apparent until they get very serious. If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and experience any of the following situations, you may find relief by working with Dr. Haney:

  • People constantly remind you to do things. You were once able to remember everything, but now you keep forgetting even simple things. You may even find yourself setting reminders on your smartphone or leaving notes around your desk and house to stay on track.
  • You miss recurrent deadlines. Do you constantly overlook deadlines because you forgot about project and task due dates? This can have significant ramifications, especially in a business setting.
  • You have trouble remembering where you put items. Feel like you keep losing important items around the house or at work? You may be too distracted by your sleep deprivation to pay attention to the here and now.

In most cases, these types of memory lapses do not cause long-lasting problems. Yet they can be more serious if you forget to brake at a stop sign, or you do not apply safety procedures when operating machinery. For these reasons, you should always consider visiting a healthcare professional even if your memory loss is mild.

Working With a Dentist to Curb Sleep Apnea Events

If your memory issues are related to sleep apnea, you may be able to work with Dr. Haney to minimize your nightly sleep apnea events. In fact, one of the most common ways to treat sleep apnea is with an oral appliance.

This type of dental device is custom-constructed to fit the inside of your mouth. When in place, it holds your jaw slightly open. Not only does this help you breathe easier, but it reduces the likelihood of the soft palate falling into the back of your throat when you sleep. Without obstructions in your airway, you can more easily remain asleep for long periods.

In addition to a nightguard, Dr. Haney may also recommend that you consider oral surgery to remove excess soft tissues in the back of your mouth. During your examination and consultation with him, you can discuss the pros and cons of all forms of sleep apnea treatment.

Boost Memory Power With Sleep Apnea Treatments

Are you interested in learning more about increasing your cognitive function with sleep apnea treatment? Call Dr. Jack Haney in Knoxville, TN, at (865) 693-6886, to start your journey to improved memory through better sleep.

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