4 Reasons to Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

We all try to keep our teeth clean, to prevent decay and have pleasant-smelling breath. It would be nice if keeping your teeth clean and healthy could also prevent foods and beverages from staining them. But that’s not how it works. Even when your teeth are squeaky-clean, they still hold pigment residues that darken your smile. It’s a bit like spilling tomato sauce on a white shirt; the sauce gets washed away in the laundry, but the stain is still there for a while. If you drink coffee, wine, or tea on a regular basis, your teeth may have years of pigment residue collecting in your enamel. We can help you remove these stains with Knoxville teeth whitening treatments from Jack Haney, DDS.

Store-bought whiteners can be an effective way to remove stains, but they don’t offer the same advantages as professional teeth whitening. Need an explanation? Here are four reasons to choose professional whitening treatments:

Faster, Longer-Lasting Knoxville Teeth Whitening Results

When you whiten your teeth with over-the-counter products, results take time and they may not always work how you expect them to. The active ingredients in these products are less reliable, and quality can vary based on how long the product has sat on a shelf. When you choose Knoxville teeth whitening with Dr. Haney, however, you get a more thorough and complete removal of extrinsic pigment stains. The products are stronger and the process is more efficient. This means your teeth will stay whiter and brighter for a longer period of time than with less predictable products.

They’re Safer for Your Teeth

This reason may surprise you. After all, wouldn’t stronger products (what you get from a dentist) be harsher on your teeth that something safe enough to put on a store shelf? Oddly enough, people tend to do more harm to their teeth with less effective products. Why? Because slower results often mean you spend more time applying whiteners to your teeth.

After you use whiteners, your teeth need a period to remineralize the enamel by natural processes. If you use whitening products non-stop for several consecutive months (because they are so slow to work), you run the risk of demineralizing your tooth enamel faster than it can remineralize itself. When used as directed, all whitening products are safe for your teeth, but less-effective products may make you more likely to use them longer than directed.

Customized Treatment is More Efficient

One advantage dentist’s whitening systems have over one-size products is that they customize the delivery tray to fit your teeth. Poorly fitting trays or strips may only come in contact with the front surface of the tooth, and fail to whiten the curves and contours. Teeth that sit farther back than others may not come into contact with the whitening gel at all. When you choose professional whitening treatments, we make sure your whitening method hits every surface of tooth the world will see. This gives you a brighter smile in the end.

The Instant Gratification Factor

Slow and steady may win the race, but nothing feels as good as fast results! If you are using store-bought products, it may take so long that you may not even be able to tell whether it’s working or not! Unless you have a graduated shade guide at home (and take notes), the improvements may be too imperceptible to get excited about. With professional products, you know they are working, because you will see a difference right away!

If you want your smile to look bright and healthy, call us today to learn about Knoxville teeth whitening with Dr. Jack Haney. We have multiple treatment options, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle. Call us at 865-693-6886 to make an appointment.

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