What to Do About a Tooth Abscess (and When)

Certain oral health issues can come with a “warning.” A tooth abscess falls into that category.

It starts with an infection. The concern increases if you ignore it and the infection progresses deeper into your tooth structure.

What’s to blame?

Pain or a throbbing toothache are an early indication that infection is present or worsening. An abscess occurs when the infection has nowhere to go and it becomes painfully contained in the area surrounding your tooth.

Oral bacteria are the culprit. Thriving and untreated bacteria attack the tissue within your tooth and surrounding gums.

The impact on your gums and bone tissue can progress. Tooth loss is possible if you ignore the pain and postpone treatment.

Toothaches are common. Those that linger could be warning you about a deeper issue including an abscess.

Watch for swelling or redness in your gums. The pain can also be more noticeable when you’re chewing.

Why timing matters

Pain reduction isn’t an indication that the infection has healed. Bacteria can continue to multiply and do more damage if they aren’t eliminated.

A prescribed antibiotic is recommended in the earliest stages of your infection. The medication helps control and eliminate the bacteria and enable the infected area to be treated.

A tooth abscess can often require a root canal. This procedure can save your tooth from extraction and restore health and function to your tooth and surround gum tissue.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about your tooth or mouth pain. Schedule a dental examination to diagnose the source of your pain and any infection.

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