Need Fast Whitening to Fit Your Busy Schedule

Everyone wants a brighter smile, but those easy-to-use teeth whitening treatments don’t always deliver the best results. Maybe you’ve tried using dentist-provided whitening trays, but just can’t seem to fit them into your busy schedule. This is a common problem, and you are not alone. Dr. Jack Haney provides Zoom!™ and Opalescence™ teeth whitening treatments that can remove pigment stains and uncover the natural beauty of your teeth in just one appointment.

When life is good, you are busy living it! If you would like to brighten your smile, but don’t have time to fit daily treatments into your packed schedule, consider one-day whitening treatments. Call 865-693-6886 to learn about one-visit Knoxville teeth whitening treatments.

Effective teeth whitening can most definitely be accomplished on your own. Whether you use over-the-counter products or higher quality dentists’ products, all teeth whitening uses the same ingredient. Hydrogen peroxide gel is the only safe and effective way to break down the pigment stains that give your tooth enamel a yellow or dingy appearance. You can get this ingredient on your own, but treatments vary widely in how well they deliver the product and provide consistent results. Cheaper products contain less active ingredients, and are less careful in maintaining chemical integrity. More expensive products usually provide a superior delivery system, such as customized trays that keep the whitening gel in place better, and prevent dilution by saliva.

As dentists, we prefer the faster treatments, since non-stop exposure to hydrogen peroxide can damage the enamel. When teeth are exposed to this ingredient for a shorter period of time, it reduces the potential for teeth to become weakened by constant exposure. That’s why we always recommend (and provide) more effective teeth-brightening treatments over slow-acting drug store products.

How One-Day Treatments Work

As you may have guessed, one-day whitening treatments also use hydrogen peroxide, but they also have a secret weapon that enhances the whitening process by speeding up the timeline. Zoom whitening achieves impressive whitening results by using a special light to activate the ingredients. In just three 15- minute sessions, you can achieve the same results you would get from wearing at-home whitening trays for several weeks.

We love to watch our Zoom whitening patients after their treatments, because they can’t stop smiling when they see how much brighter and whiter their teeth look after just one appointment.

Knoxville family dentist Dr. Jack Haney can help you understand the state of your tooth enamel, and whether an enamel-strengthening product may be helpful.

To learn more about keeping your teeth healthy and strong, visit Knoxville family dentist Dr. Jack Haney. Call our dental office at 865-693-6886 to schedule a check-up.

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