Metal-Free Fillings: Beautiful and Healthy

Bacteria in sugary foods and drinks produce an acid that can begin attacking tooth enamel, the protective layer that keeps bacteria from reaching the tooth root and potentially entering the blood stream. Once this occurs, a dental filling will be required to seal holes (cavities) left from tooth decay. Cavities are extremely common. Dr. Jack Haney uses metal-free fillings to provide a natural-looking restoration. This procedure involves the use of composite resin to reduce tooth sensitivity and discomfort, while also restoring the function of your tooth.

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How Do Fillings Work?

The purpose of a dental filling is to correct cavities and strengthen your tooth. Dr. Haney will begin your procedure with a local anesthetic. Once the tooth and surrounding tissues are numb, he will remove the decay and unhealthy bacteria from your tooth. After the area is completely sanitized, he will begin mixing the composite resin, shade-matching it to blend with the natural aesthetics of your tooth. Because the mixture has a putty-like consistency, it requires precision and detail to carefully mold it over the tooth. When applied, Dr. Haney will cure it with a special light to harden the resin and restore the tooth. If necessary, he will apply multiple layers to provide maximum strength and aesthetics. At the end of the process, Dr. Haney will trim any excess and polish your tooth.

A Beautiful Filling

Dr. Haney will choose the perfect shade of composite resin so that your metal-free filling blends seamlessly with surrounding teeth. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your smile, we also offer professional teeth whitening treatment to dramatically enhance your color. You’ll feel beautiful and radiant with a perfectly restored tooth. The sensitivity that once bothered you will be eliminated, giving you restored function.

Dr. Haney works hard to provide patients with natural-looking and feeling dental filling. You’ll feel more beautiful knowing that your smile is healthy and free of harmful cavities.

A Healthy Smile

During your metal-free filling, Dr. Haney will remove tooth decay to restore your damaged tooth. If left untreated, the bacteria from cavities can enter the tooth root and increase your risk for more costly restorations, such as a dental crown or root canal therapy. Without this treatment, you could potentially lose your tooth and surrounding teeth. Even worse, the bacteria can enter your blood stream, putting your overall health in jeopardy for developing certain conditions, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This goes to show how important it is to attend a dental checkup and cleaning every six months. In most cases, Dr. Haney can detect a cavity before you begin to experience discomfort. Catching a cavity in its earliest stages can help save you time and money, while also protecting your oral and physical health.

Why Preventative Care is Important

The best way to prevent the need for a dental filling is to practice good oral hygiene. A healthy mouth is less likely to develop decay. Dr. Haney encourages patients to brush each morning and night and floss daily between each tooth to remove bacteria and trapped food particles. Although time consuming, you can brush your teeth after each meal to maintain a perfectly healthy smile. However, we understand that this isn’t always an option. If you have the dedication and time to do so, rinse your mouth with clean water after each meal and beverage to remove sugary bacteria. Good oral hygiene will reduce the presence of bacteria and lower your risk for developing cavities.

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