BOTOX as a Complement to Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’ve got a reason to think about cosmetic dental treatments in the near future, such as an upcoming wedding or reunion, now is a great time to consider other cosmetic treatments that can help you look your best, such as BOTOX© and dermal fillers.

And who needs a reason, anyway? For most of us, looking our best makes us feel our best. Small, subtle improvements to your smile can go a long way to boosting one’s self-confidence and making you feel like smiling. Any time is a great time to seek treatments that help you put your best self forward.

Are you looking for Knoxville BOTOX treatments and smile makeover services under one roof? Cosmetic dentist Dr. Jack Haney provides facial esthetic treatments, as well as BOTOX for the treatment of pain resulting from TMJ disorder. Contact our office at 865-693-6886 to learn more!

Facial Esthetic Treatments

Although chiefly a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jack Haney is qualified to provide BOTOX injections, as well as dermal fillers. These treatments provide a solution to fine wrinkles and smile lines, by (1) temporarily paralyzing the muscles that activate the appearance of wrinkles and (2) filling in the creases that create wrinkles.

Many patients who are looking to brighten up an aging smile find that facial esthetic treatments are an ideal complement to cosmetic dentistry. Such treatments are an easy choice, as they require no surgery, are not permanent, and can be completed quickly and easily in our dental office.

Sometimes patients worry that BOTOX will make their faces look less expressive or rigid. In our practice, our cosmetic approach is focused on making you look your best with conservative treatment. We never recommend or suggest more than the bare minimum needed to create small subtle enhancements. This less-is-more approach applies to cosmetic dentistry as well as esthetic treatments.

BOTOX for TMJ Disorder

In addition to its cosmetic purposes, BOTOX injections can also be used to ease symptoms associated with TMJ disorder. With this condition, many patients experience stress and muscle fatigue in the facial muscles connected with jaw function. BOTOX can help relax overused facial muscles and reduce the cycle of stress, teeth grinding, and tense jaw muscles that leads to headache and pain in the neck and face.

Smile Makeovers

If you are interested in learning more about smile makeovers, call our Knoxville dental office to set up an appointment. During your consultation, Dr. Haney will ask you about your goals for your smile. Many patients choose to bring in pictures of themselves to illustrate what they are unhappy with, or pictures of smiles they want to emulate. Dr. Haney will make sure he understands your concerns and discuss the cosmetic treatments we provide.

There are many ways to improve the harmony and appearance of your smile: teeth whitening, porcelain crowns, cosmetic bonding, porcelain veneers, tooth-colored fillings, and more. We will explain these treatments and help you decide which is right for your goals, lifestyle, and budget. Whether you want a brand-new smile, or just have one or two flaws you want to correct—there is a smile makeover that’s right for you.

Call our office at 865-693-6886 to schedule a consultation to learn about smile makeovers and Knoxville BOTOX and dermal fillers with Dr. Jack Haney. We love to help you look your best!

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