What Happens at a Kids’ First Dental Visit

Do you have a little one who’s approaching the age of his first dental visit? Not knowing what to expect can be scary for some children. At the Knoxville family dentist office, Jack Haney, DDS, we like to let parents know about pediatric dental visits ahead of time. This way you can discuss it with your child before the appointment and allay any potential fears. A first dental visit should never be cause for anxiety, and we’ll take extra special care to make sure your child feels comfortable and safe at every appointment.

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When to Bring Your Child to the Dentist

Children should have their first dental visit by their third birthday. Earlier visits are certainly encouraged, however, if you suspect something is not right or if you spot cavities on the teeth. Even if everything seems to be fine, early informal visits can be a good way to prepare your child for the eventual first exam and cleaning.

If you want to bring your toddler or preschooler in during your routine visit—to help him/her become familiarized with the dentist’s office as a happy, nonthreatening place—let us know! We’ll make sure we are ready for the two of you, and even take a peek inside your child’s mouth to start to establish a trusting relationship with your child.

At the First Formal Visit

At your child’s first visit, there are several steps that take place. First, we will greet your child and make sure he feels comfortable and understands why he is here. If your child is enthusiastic about starting the treatment, we’ll put him in the chair and get started. If not, we always wait until the child feels ready before starting the appointment. Forcing or coercing a child to cooperate may seem beneficial, but it can lead to unnecessary anxiety that can have an impact for years to come. Most children are curious enough to cooperate, given enough time. We always encourage parents to stay with their children during the first visit, as this will help them feel safe.

The first dental visit includes:

  • An examination of the teeth, to check for normal tooth eruption and development.
  • A check for cavities or “soft spots” that may develop into cavities.
  • A gentle teeth cleaning, to remove any accumulated plaque.
  • Application of fluoride gel, to strengthen the teeth against decay.
  • Application of sealants, to provide a barrier against food and bacteria.
  • Patient education on brushing and flossing technique.
  • A discussion with the parent about oral hygiene habits, eating habits, and any potential concerns.
  • Scheduling your next routine visit, which will take place after six months have passed.

Your child will spend some time with both a hygienist and the doctor during the appointment, so feel free to tell him there’s a whole team waiting to help him have the healthiest, most beautiful teeth possible!

Your Friendly Knoxville Family Dentist

At Jack Haney, DDS, we try to maintain a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where patients can have positive experiences getting the oral care they need. Read our testimonials to see what other patients (and parents) have to say about their visits with Dr. Haney and his staff.

Call us today at 865-693-6886 to schedule an appointment for your child’s first dental visit. We look forward to helping your child start a lifetime of good oral health!

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