How to Give Your Dentures an Upgrade

No dental treatment is perfect. That said, some treatment can be somewhat “perfected.”

Dentures have a number of benefits. But they also come with a few problems.

Again, no one said they’re perfect. The good news is there’s a way to upgrade their effectiveness should you choose dentures as your missing teeth replacement.

Could your dentures use some assistance?

Slipping and movement are the common issues you face with dentures. Worse, those problems can do damage to your jawbone tissue and your gum tissue.

Up to now your options as a denture wearer are to have your denture relined, refitted, or replaced. Those solutions are temporary and problems can reoccur over time.

Implant supported dentures solve many, if not all, of the problems associated with dentures alone. The support of dental implants gives your denture a more secure and long-lasting fit.

Four implants are commonly used to secure your denture. This strong foundation provides much the same support as four legs do for a table.

Support is just the beginning

Your new tooth root is created by each implant that’s placed into your jawbone. The implants will adapt to your tissue and prevent any erosion by holding your denture in place.

This gives your denture a stronger foundation than it would have if it merely sits on your gum and jawbone tissue. Your implant supported denture restores your ability to chew and improves your general tooth function plus your appearance.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about your missing or damaged teeth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss an implant supported denture or replacing your current denture.

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