How to Find a Knowledgeable Knoxville Family Dentist

Much like general dentistry, family dentistry encompasses preventative care and basic oral health treatments, but for patients of all ages. Finding a family dentist who can treat both you and your children makes dental care easier and stress-free for the entire family. Many times, dental offices can book appointments together on the same day to make it even more convenient. Knowing what to look and what questions to ask your potential Knoxville family dentist in advance can streamline your search. Knoxville family dentist Dr. Jack Haney understands why family dentistry is important and offers a full line of services, including gingivitis treatment, root canal therapy, metal-free fillings, and mouth guards. We invite you to tour our offices and learn more about the services we provide. Please call our office at 865-693-6886, or simply fill out our online form.   Below are some the questions you can expect to have answered upfront and honestly.

What is Your Educational Background and Experience?

All dentists must complete the approved amount of educational courses and training to be legally certified to practice dentistry. However, when choosing your family dentist, it’s important to know their educational background and level of experience to ensure they are experienced and able to provide the expert care your family deserves.   Knoxville family dentist Dr. Haney has been proudly serving the area for almost 20 years and is a world-renowned mentor and expert. In addition to traditional dental school training, he completed a rigorous training program at the KOIS Center in Seattle, WA, an advanced didactic and clinical program that expanded his knowledge and skills in restorative dentistry.

What Preventative Services Do You Provide?

Preventative care is much more than just proper brushing and flossing techniques. It should include professional dental cleanings, examinations with x-ray technology, and simple treatments, such as dental sealants and fluoride that can help you avoid costly and complex restorative procedures. When meeting with your Knoxville family dentist, ask what types of preventative care services they provide to get a good understanding of the dental care you will receive.

At What Age Can I Bring My Child?

Not all family dentists see patients under the age of three or four, so it’s important to ask how soon you can begin bringing your child. The American Dental Association recommends that children visit the dentist by their first birthday or within six months of receiving their first tooth. While there are pediatric dentists available that can see young children, finding a Knoxville family dentist who can treat young children, older adults, and anyone in between makes dental visits easier.   At our family dentistry practice, we start seeing patients by one year of age. We offer a fun environment filled with toys, movies, and friendly hygienists. Dr. Haney will help parents educate their little ones on good oral hygiene habits and implement ways to make it fun and stress-free for the whole family.

Is Continuing Education Important to You?

While education and experience are most definitely important to determining which Knoxville family dentist you select, it’s also important to know if they participate in continuing education courses to advance their knowledge and techniques. Dr. Haney is committed to learning the latest dentistry techniques available in order to provide his patients with the best possible care, and does this by participating in countless hours of continuing education courses each year.

Meet Our Knoxville Family Dentist

We invite you to schedule consultations for the entire family with Knoxville family dentist Dr. Haney by contacting us online or calling us at 865-693-6886. We look forward to meeting you and providing your family excellent dental care for many years.

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