Is There a Family Dentist Near Me in Knoxville?

So you’re on the search for a dentist in the Knoxville area, someone who’ll provide genuinely compassionate care. You want a dentist your kids and husband, perhaps even your parents, will feel comfortable with. You’d prefer an experienced provider who offers a variety of services, because you’ve heard that dentists can treat sleep apnea and jaw pain. Wouldn’t it be great if your family dentist could help your husband stop snoring? And what about cosmetic dentistry? You’d really like a whiter, more youthful smile…

If you’re asking yourself, “Is there a family dentist near me? One who will suit my entire family and make us feel comfortable?” – then you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Jack Haney grew up in the area and has provided a full scope of dental treatment to his neighbors and friends in Knoxville, TN since 1998. Schedule your initial dental visit by calling 865-693-6886, and learn how Dr. Haney and our team can fulfill all your needs, when it comes to excellent dentistry and superb patient care.

Why Choose Dr. Haney?

In addition to having a consistently gracious and gentle chairside manner, Dr. Haney has extensive experience and education. He is a graduate of, and has accrued over 120 hours of continuing education in restorative dentistry at, the Kois Center, a highly regarded postgraduate institution for advanced dental training. Today, he is a mentor for Kois. A lifelong learner, Dr. Haney is a charter member of the Atlanta Kois Study Club and is also part of the East Tennessee Dental Practice Association. Each year, he invests in many hours of continuing education, to bring you and your loved ones what he considers to be the best technology, treatments, techniques, and materials that dentistry has to offer.

Each member of our team was selected by Dr. Haney for their compassion and knowledge. From the moment you call our office, through all your appointments, you’ll experience a welcoming atmosphere and an excellent level of dental care. Our team loves kids, and we also love adults. We reserve ample time for appointments, to provide comprehensive care, explain treatment options, and answer your questions.

Because he understands that you lead a busy life and have many commitments, Dr. Haney offers appointments as early as 7am on weekdays, and unlike many dental offices, ours is open on Fridays, all day.

What Services Does Dr. Haney Offer?

Still wondering if Dr. Haney is the “dentist near me” for your precious family? You should know that our goal for all dental care is to increase patient confidence and improve overall health. To that end, we provide complete restorative dentistry, as well as prosthetics – like bridges, dentures, and implants. Because healthy, natural tissue is priceless, Dr. Haney believes ii in conservative treatments. In addition to full dental crowns, he provides partial crowns, called inlays and onlays, which are stronger than fillings, but less invasive than full crowns.

Along the same lines, our team promotes preventive dentistry by teaching good homecare techniques and supporting twice-yearly checkups and cleanings for patients of all ages. We partner with parents, offering early childhood visits for kids, starting at one year of age. Children enjoy our office, because we have toys, movies, and know how to talk with them in a way that empowers and builds up.

For patients who are nervous or anxious, or want to complete many dental treatments in a single visit, Dr. Haney can administer laughing gas or oral sedation. We also offer smile makeover procedures, from veneers and professional teeth whitening to Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Haney even offers effective treatments for sleep apnea, snoring, and TMJ disorder.

Schedule Your Visit

Located on Huxley Rd., our family dental office is in Southwest Knoxville, near Concord, Farragut, and Woodland Acres. If you’re asking yourself, “Is there a dentist near me?” – think about what you really want from a dentist. Then call our Knoxville, TN dental office at 865-693-6886.

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