Why Dentures Are a Common and Effective Solution for Your Missing Teeth

Who wants to be without options? Having an option when you’re faced with tooth loss provides confident relief.

Dentures are a common and popular restorative dentistry treatment when you need a solution for total or partial tooth loss. Full dentures, partial dentures, and implant supported dentures restore your ability to confidently eat, chew, and speak.

Beyond confidence

Your tooth loss circumstances can leave you scrambling for solutions. The longer you delay tooth replacement the greater the risks to your oral health and your confidence.

Dentures are an immediate boost to your confidence. And they provide health benefits by restoring your dental function such as biting and chewing.

You also have options when considering dentures as a missing tooth replacement. The specifics of your tooth loss help determine what type of denture will work for your condition.

Total tooth loss can leave you without the normal daily function you’re accustomed to. Full (or complete) dentures provide you a full, removable, and natural looking set of teeth that enables you to enjoy eating and smiling again.

Partial dentures give you a removable or fixed tooth replacement option. The treatment uses the support of a dental bridge to secure them in your mouth alongside your remaining teeth.

A fixed partial denture is a good choice when you’ve lost one or more of your teeth. A dental crown supported by a secured dental bridge gives you the necessary support for restoring your tooth function.

A satisfying experience

A period of adjustment is necessary when you’re fitted with dentures. Your gum tissue, bone tissue, and any remaining teeth will need to adapt to the treatment.

Be aware of how your dentures affect your eating, biting, chewing, and speaking. Communicate your concerns with us and we will provide any necessary adjustments to improve their fit and function.

Keep your dentures clean as you would your natural teeth. Ask us about proper denture care and request assistance with any issues you face with wear, damage, or fit.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about your tooth loss or your missing teeth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss your tooth replacement options using dentures.

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