How Dentistry Can Improve Your Sleep (and Your Health)

Next to your hours working you invest a significant amount of time doing this. What?


More data is being discovered about the impact of a quality night’s sleep on your health. It’s also being revealed that interruptions to your sleep can create a number of health and lifestyle risks.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a condition that affects 18 million people. You’re among that growing number if you experience certain symptoms during your sleep routine.

A risky condition

Sleep apnea or OSA impacts more than your ability to fall asleep. The risk involves your breathing also.

It more specifically impacts your breathing patterns during nighttime sleep. A sleep apnea condition causes interruptions to your regular, healthy breathing during your sleep cycles.

The risks to your overall health can vary. Common issues include high blood pressure, stroke, or heart failure.

Are you doing this in your sleep?

You should enjoy a restful night’s sleep. The slowing down of your mind and body to a low energy state is healthy.

Sleep cycles give your body a needed period of rest and relaxation. One exception would involve your throat and its muscles.

You and those in proximity to you during sleep would recognize a specific condition associated with OSA. Snoring is the result of air flowing over your throat muscles when they’re relaxed.

What’s concerning is when your airway becomes blocked during sleep. Unnatural pauses in breathing can cause a gasping or choking condition.

You will most often jar awake during those momentary breathing lapses. This has to do with the lack or loss of air when you stop breathing for a moment.

A sleep apnea condition produces this cycle many times throughout your night’s sleep. The result can be a sense of fatigue while awake.

Better sleep and reduced risk

The most popular treatment for OSA is a CPAP device. But there is another alternative.

Sleep dentistry provides a custom-designed oral appliance that you can wear while sleeping. The appliance that resembles a mouth guard keeps your jaw properly aligned for better airflow and breathing.

Your experience with this form of sleep apnea treatment is more comfortable than a CPAP device. You will sleep more effectively, breath more productively, and reduce the risks associated with your lack of breathing during nightly sleep cycles.

Contact your Knoxville dentist about your sleep apnea symptoms. Schedule a dental examination and discuss a sleep dentistry solution and the process for being fitted with an oral appliance to improve your sleep and health.

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