A Dental Essential for an Active Lifestyle

Being active is good for a number of reasons. Adding a mouth guard to the list of protective gear will keep you active without injury.

Helmets, pads, protective eye wear, etc are designed to up your “game.” They protect your bones and muscles from injury.

Your teeth are bones as well. Mouth guards provide level of protection from potential damage during athletic or other recreational activities.

What a mouth guard does

Your face and mouth are no more or less vulnerable than other parts of your body. Protective gear is required in many sports, including the use of a mouth guard.

Common sense would tell you that protecting your teeth and gums from injury is a good idea. Otherwise your teeth can become chipped, broken, loosened, and knocked-out.

Your gums are vulnerable as well and when injured can cause issues that affect your teeth. If you or your child are involved in a contact based sport (football, hockey, karate, MMA, etc.) a mouth guard is an essential piece of equipment to add to the bag.

A mouth guard can also protect your braces and other orthodontic treatment. Your mouth guard covers any orthodontics you wear and prevents injury to your mouth tissue, lips, and gums if you experience direct contact.

How to choose the right mouth guard

You have choices when selecting a mouth guard. It’s common to select an over-the-counter stock mouth guard or the popular boil-and-bite mouth guard.

Be aware that these options are not designed for effective fit and long-term use. They can also become uncomfortable to wear and set aside as a result.

A custom mouth guard is your best solution for protective use. Your Knoxville dentist can custom-design a mouth guard to uniquely fit your teeth and gums.

Your custom mouth guard will fit your unique mouth structure. It will provide you comfortable protection when you’re involved in sports or other activity where mouth injury is possible.

Contact our Knoxville dental office about choosing a mouth guard. Schedule a dental appointment to have your mouth guard custom designed for fit and comfort.

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