Why Choose Tooth-Colored Fillings (Next to the Obvious Reason)

Some dental treatment should go unnoticed. Even so, you want the health benefits to align with your appearance.

Tooth-colored dental fillings fit this category. You can have your tooth restored without it being noticeable.

Metal fillings were once the common treatment for treating your tooth decay, cavities, or tooth damage. Tooth-colored resin (composite) is now the preferred choice for restoring your tooth function and appearance.

A standard above

Silver amalgam fillings have been the so-called “gold-standard” for years. Not only do they “leak” (develop openings) but many are choosing to replace them due to negative “press” and how they look in your mouth.

Amalgam fillings are also known to darken over time. And they can require the loss of more tooth structure during the procedure.

The choice is natural

Tooth-colored dental fillings are more versatile. Your specific restorative treatment will determine the most effective materials to use.

Composite materials or composite resin are your most popular option. They provide you a white, tooth-colored filling that matches your surrounding teeth.

Porcelain is also being used to create tooth-colored fillings. The porcelain material is useful for fillings in the same way it is for dental crowns and dental inlays and onlays.

Your tooth-colored filling can most often be applied during one dental appointment. In addition to treating your tooth damage or decay you can have your old metal (amalgam) fillings replaced with composite or porcelain fillings.

Contact your dentist in Knoxville about your tooth damage and with your questions about tooth-colored dental fillings. Schedule a dental examination to discuss treatment options.

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