How Botox Can Solve a Few of Your Dental Related Problems

Botox can do more for you and your dental health than you might realize. It’s common to think of the cosmetic treatment as a wrinkle remover.

Over 20 years of practical use has proven that Botox has more to offer you. In fact, it has become an accepted treatment alongside many dental procedures.

Botox Treatment Benefits:

Reduce your face and jaw pain

A basic benefit of Botox is its ability to relax your muscles. This has application for treating your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems and teeth grinding (bruxism).

TMJ treatment that uses Botox will involve less than what would be used to smooth wrinkles. The severity of your jaw, neck, and teeth grinding pain can be reduced or eliminated with Botox.

Non-surgical application

Improving the appearance and function of your lips often involves a surgical procedure. Botox enables another alternative to improve your lip line.

The solution, combined with dermal fillers, can relax the muscles in your lip and mouth region. The results will preserve your lip’s appearance and enable you to chew, speak, and smile without issue.

Improved tooth appearance

Botox can also compliment and support the appearance of your teeth when smiling. The fundamental benefit of the treatment will help eliminate the wrinkles around your mouth and lips that are heightened when you smile.

Botox is now a popular companion treatment to your cosmetic dentistry procedures. Share your appearance goals with us and ask how Botox can support your dental health.

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